Monthly Archives: October 2016

Make Your Home Network a Strong Data Fortress


Home workers and ordinary Internet users alike need an impregnable and fast-operating home network. Since there are many paths to such a network, it’s necessary to inform people on the most efficient ones and help them cut corners on their way to a reliable access point to the Internet. Here are the essential home network tips that work best for ...

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Technology & Tattoos: ‘Smart’ Tattoo Controls Your Phone


Technology is advancing fast and it has found its way into our body art. Tattoos are not taboo anymore and now you can even control your phones with them. Yes, it is possible, since a group of PhD students from MIT Media Lab, along with the Microsoft Researchers have come up with the most amazing wearables. We are talking about ...

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The Latest Tech Innovations in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


It is no secret that plastic and reconstructive surgery is constantly gaining momentum all over the world. This also means there are always some tech innovations when it comes to the equipment plastic surgeons use. So if you are thinking about getting a procedure like this, it’s always a good idea to know what to expect when you walk into ...

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Has the Future of Gaming Arrived in the Form of Virtual Reality?


The momentous technological advancements are changing the world of gaming at a heart-stopping pace. Developers are making headway into areas of HD graphics, online gaming, and spellbinding 3D features. One gaming innovation that stands out from the rest is certainly Virtual Reality (VR), a phenomenon which allows the gaming experience to break new ground. However, not everything proceeds as planned. ...

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