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Ways that Technology is Changing Beauty


Ways that Technology is Changing Beauty Throughout history, technological development usually meant progress in various spheres of life. The impact new technologies had on the fashion world is broadly known and appreciated, but not so much when it comes to the beauty industry. However, no doubt that beauty and shopping routines changed in the last few years thanks to the ...

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Hardware Requirements for 4K Resolution

4K screen resolution

4K resolution is the next big thing in home cinema and the gaming industry. It is expected that in the next 10-15 years, almost half of the western population will have 4K-capable TVs and monitors in their household. But getting a 4K monitor is just a first step. To run stuff on Ultra HD you will need to build a ...

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Self Balancing Technology Explained


Self balancing technology is not new, but it has made its way to all parts of the industry in the last couple of years. From smartphones and game console controllers to self balancing pool tables and one-wheel scooters, this technology is changing and improving almost every aspect of our lives. But what is really self balancing technology doing? How does ...

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A New Breed of Entrepreneurs: Digital Nomads 101


Steve Roberts was the world’s first digital nomad. He started his 14,000 miles-long bicycle odyssey in 1983 and wrote hundreds of articles on his Model 100 portable computer while being on the road. A lot of things changed since the eighties. Emergence of Skype, PayPal, Upwork and Slack, enabled many people to create the perfect synergy between their career and a nomad ...

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Tech-Savvy Globetrotters Travel Better – Here’s Why


For many people, traveling is all about letting go, forgetting about the pressures of the real world and going offline. However, this should never mean that you forego all technology, especially its ability to make your travel experiences cheaper, more efficient and, in one word, better. Innumerable people already know this and utilize various technological advances that allow them to be ...

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Making Your Home Ready for VR


Everyone knows that virtual reality (VR) is the next big thing in the tech world. The year 2016 will remain forever remembered as the publication date of two incredible devices Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. However, if you believe that having these two things alone is going to be enough you are sadly mistaken. What good is it to have ...

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