Monthly Archives: January 2016

Apple to Launch Wireless Earphones with iPhone 7

iPhone 7

There have been a lot of reports and rumors of the iPhone 7 to not have the regular earphone 3.5 mm headphone jack. The company is currently working with Beats Electronics (an electronic products company it acquired two years ago) to make wireless earphones. The main reason why the new iPhone 7 wireless earphone is talked a lot is for ...

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Project Tango: Lenovo and Google partner to build up Consumer Phablet

Project Tango

Project Tango of Google and Lenovo is now sized for Smartphones. Lenovo is working with Google for the past one year to find a mainstream use for the experimental project Tango technology of Google.  We are now getting information about the first Tango device for the consumers. It is pretty difficult to explain exactly what Project Tango technology actually does. ...

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Are there probabilities of heading into electric car crisis?

electric car

What to know is that if we are aware of heading into the electric car crisis. The one important recent trend in automobile that we are witnessing in the increase of trade shows is the electrification. The car industry has been moving towards more electric vehicles and hybrids for quite some time. The current year CES has very nearly made ...

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Apple Buys Startup Company Emotient


Apple buys the startup company Emotient, an artificial intelligence company that specializes in facial recognition technology. It interprets people’s emotions every time they watch or experience any videos or any other media. However, much information was not revealed by Apple on its plans for the California based company. Emotient has tailored its facial recognition tool to help advertising in various ...

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Netflix is now available in almost every country


Video streaming site, Netflix is now available in 130 countries. The company launched its services in these countries except China. The site has been having a pretty slow growth in the United States which has made the company take the site to the world. The shares of the company have also rose by 5.5%. This is definitely a great move ...

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The latest BUDD.e electric microbus of Volkswagen

electric microbus

Volkaswagen has introduced its pioneering and futuristic electric microbus under the name BUDD.e. This electric microbus filled with touchscreens that are highly interactive, online connectivity to operate from home as well as at work along with technology for opening the doors through voice. Chairman of the passenger car division of Volkswagen, Dr. Herbert Diess discloed this electric microbus on stage ...

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The new Fitbit Blaze fitness smartwatch unveiled at CES 2016

fitbit blaze

Fitbit Blaze– the novel and trendy fitness watch was unveiled at CES 2016 which is a step down to Apple.  This is a smart fitness watch which consists of a color touchscreen. Fitbit Blaze is similar to the most expensive Apple’s smartwatches but at a lower price. The basic Fitbit Blaze consists of an elastomer band with a price tag ...

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Ford to Roll Out 13 Electric Cars by 2020


Ford has been in the automobile industry for a very long time and is considered to one of the most promising automobile manufacturers. Today, it has announced the company will be tripling the number of its autonomous vehicles by 2020. It is clear Ford is keeping up pace with the younger and innovative start ups that is making finest electric ...

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Faraday Future Reveals Super-Powered Electric Concept Car

Faraday Future

Faraday Future, the Chinese Billionaire backed company has revealed its super-powered electric concept ca. The FF Zero 1 Concept has an exotic design which in terms of looks is more futuristic than the Bat mobile. Although, it doesn’t look like a family friendly vehicle the makers say it is one and it’s just the design makes it look like a ...

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