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Facebook to Increase Safety Check tool Post Paris Attacks

safety check tool

  The social networking site has been criticized for not alerting its users about their safety in attacks in Beirut. The tool was activated and alerted people in the region after the first time attack in Paris which indeed helped a lot of people. However, criticisms followed by saying the company didn’t activate it in the recent twin attacks in ...

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500 Mile Electric Cars are 10 Years Away Says Elon Musk

500 mile electric car

Elon Musk on 500 Mile Electric Cars The dropping cost of batteries signifies a change in the market soon.  The technology of battery is evolving as fast as it can, a round trip between Washington D.C. And New York on a one time charge battery can be seen and is just 10 years away, adds Elon Musk. An electric car ...

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Google Self Driving Car Pulled Over by Cops in California

self driving cars

A Californian cop had a first of its kind of experience when he had to pull over an autonomous Google self driving car for driving too slow. The picture was shared by Google on its car site. The reason it was pulled over was for driving so slow. As we know Google’s autonomous self driving prototype vehicles go at a ...

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The new electric car race necessitates what?

electric car race

The recent trend in today’s world is the electric car race. The electric car race is increasing rapidly and if you require reliability, particularly if you are starting up newly, it would be highly useful to you if you possess three things namely a large sum of money say billion dollars or if you poach one or many employees from ...

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A Small Review on the Costly iPad Pro Tablet

iPad Pro

The 13 inch iPad Pro is a super tablet that is aimed at professionals who would need to access mails and programs on the go. With the new design and optional keyboard with it can at any times called a replacement for laptops. This tablet cost around $800 and if you need cellular coverage, it will cost you around $1080. ...

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Google Open-Sourcing TensorFlow for Developers Worldwide


TensorFlow is the next generation machine learning system used by Google for various products such as Google Inbox, Google Search and Photos app. An earlier version of the learning technology was dubbed as DistBelief was made available for developers online to build large networks. Though it’s making it an open source project, it is difficult to configure the system and ...

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Tag Heuer Connected: Your Guide To The Tag Android Smartwatch

android smartwatch

The Tag Heuer Connected has been unveil over in New York, among the fanfare of being the first lavishness android smartwatch. It yet had its own traditional cheese. As well as being a joint venture between Tag plus Google, it’s as well the first android smartwatch to possess an Intel chip within. Android smartwatch-Tag Heuer Connected: Design As you wouldd guess from Tag’s ...

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Media Speculation on The New Electric Car Startup

electric car startup

Reaction to a new electric car startup Here is some detailed information about the new electric car starttup that the industry is talking about now. Seems like the unique selling point of this new electric car startup is mystery by now. The promise of a billion dollar investment is what sets this venture apart. It is still a suspense that who ...

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What is actually a cell phone tracker?


Phone tracking is a moderately new innovation that is progressively developing in approval. At the point when cell phone causes reason for stress or threat, you can swing to mobile phone spying software to anticipate potential risks. With a mobile device spy that go through phone’s data, you get simple access to all approaching and outgoing messages, emails, photographs and ...

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Supercharged Messenger Bag for Commuters On Kickstarter

Source: Kickstarter

The ability to charge a smartphone or iPad without resorting to plugs and power cables is just one of a series of impressive features in the incredibly stylish C-Series accessories collection launched today on Kickstarter. The project is a clever hybrid of the Super Charged Urban Messenger Bag, Smart Wallet and Urban Mini Bag. The Messenger Bag and Smart Wallet both ...

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