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iPhone 7 Will Ditch Headphone Jack – Latest Rumor

iphone 7

Here is the latest rumor on iPhone 7, the phone will ditch the headphone jack.  The news according to the latest rumor shows Apple might ditch the standard 3.5 mm head which would favor Lightning based headphones. From the beginning of computers and walkman to latest smart phones, every device has a 3.5mm headphone jack. If the rumor is to ...

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Volcanoes and Their Effect on the Atmosphere


Volcanoes are known as both dangerous and beautiful. You may visit them, but you never know when they are going to erupt. Sometimes we can predict, but most other times they behave erratically. These volcanoes have destroyed several civilizations around the world in the past. Yet they stand tall as pieces of wonder and we are pulled towards them. More ...

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Apple Buys Faceshift – A Company which Expertise in Capturing Motion

Apple buys Faceshift

Apple Buys Faceshift – Apple has outspokenly confirmed the acquisition of buying Faceshit. Faceshift is a Zurich based company. Apple buys Faceshift which is already up and running on Star Wars-The force Awakens. Rumours in the market started a couple of months back. Finally, Apple confirms that it has brought Faceshift from TechCrunch. The news Apple buys Faceshift has blown ...

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Quiet Car Rules for Electric and Hybrid Cars Delayed by the US

electric and hybrid cars

The U.S. regulators are indeed delaying the rules that would require electric and hybrid cars alerting sight-impaired pedestrians and bicyclists. The delay is until mid-March at least. The news is according to a government file work done recently. The concept of quiet cars is needed by the government since 2013 as quiet cars are low speed vehicles without an internal ...

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HP Partners Movado and Titan for Innovative Wearable Devices

wearable devices

Tech giant HP is partnering with world’s fifth largest watch market Titan to create innovative wearable devices. It is the company’s bid to take on the Apple Watch which was launched in September 2014. Titan devices in the future will be compatible with iPhone and iOS devices.  The program is named “Engineered by HP” in which HP will develop software, ...

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Tesla Model S Recalled for Seat Belt Check

Tesla Model S

It has been a week since Tesla began to recall all Tesla Model S cars to check their seat belts. A total of 90000 cars are being recalled. The recall started after a car in Europe was discovered in Europe with its front seat belt not connected to the outboard lap pretensioner.  The company contacted its customers with emails. However ...

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Pepsi Smartphone Revealed – The P1s

pepsi smartphone

The Pepsi Company known worldwide for its soft drinks has now ventured in to Smartphone business revealing its first Pepsi Smartphone – The P1s. This is the first time the cola company has ventured into the technical world of smart phones. It is one of the top most cola selling company worldwide and its interest to Smartphone devices has been ...

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New Facebook Fundraiser Tool and Donate Button

Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook has improved the donate button and also adds new Facebook fundraiser tools to the site. These featuers are for non profit organizations to reach new supporters and enage their community. This will also help them to get valuable funding from their respected supporters to keep continuing their good social work. The main advantage of the Facebook fundraiser tool is ...

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