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Will Volkswagen Electric Cars Challenge Tesla Motors?

volkswagen electric cars

The new competitors of Tesla Motors is from the makers of Volkswagen electric cars. Despite the fact that VW is facing potential fines that can add up to billions of dollars due to charges on cheating on emission tests. Volkswagen electric cars are mainly the Audi and Porsche with the recharging time proving to be better that that of Tesla’s. The ...

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iOS Ad Blockers Unveil Faster Browsing By Saving Money

ios Ad Blocker

iOS Ad Blockers let users surf internet by eliminating annoying ads. Saves time by limiting popping ads and same can be seen in the latest iOS 9 version too. According to the NYT study, the task of iOS Ad Blockers is to save users’ time without distracting from the targeted web page. On the event of launching all new iOS ...

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Reason behind Electric Vehicle Insurance Being High

electric vehicle insurance

The main reason of the electric vehicle insurance being high is because the spare parts are amazingly high. The level of electric vehicle insurance is higher by 21% as compared to gasoline vehicles. This is according to NerdWallet which conducted a research the gasoline vehicle insurance and electric car insurance. Despite the fact that you will have left the task of ...

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Amazon ban Apple TV and Chromecast Video Streaming Devices

Amazon ban Apple TV and Chromecast

It was made known through an email send from the web retailer based in Seattle to other selling outlets that the reason was that the interaction of devices with prime videos was not good and thus Amazon ban Apple TV and Chromecast. Other devices that are compatible with Amazon’s are not affected like their own best selling Fire TV.  This ...

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Fisker Car Manufacturer Makes A Comeback With Karma Car

karma car

The unsuccessful Fisker car manufacturing company in the US has now resurfaced with its new Karma Car. Having failed to raise the required milestone, the government froze $200 million soon after manufacturing the hybrid Karma. It was being tested by Consumer report during this turn of events. Tesla sued the company also for $1.1 million after hurricane sandy had destroyed ...

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Facebook will Allow Videos as Profile Pictures

Facebook Launches a Satellite

Here is the latest update from Facebook, videos as profile pictures.  The company had brought in numerous and latest improvements that are mobile-friendly.  These updated features include temporary profile pictures, profile videos, a customizable space at the upper part of the profile along with improvements in design. Profile Videos Facebook will sooner allow you to upload a seven second video ...

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