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Facebook Testing Ecommerce Direct Shopping

direct shopping

Here is an update from Facebook Inc., about its hands on e-commerce and direct shopping. It will be an initiative to compete with who is known to be the world leader of e-commerce. Facebook spokesman revealed they are working and testing on various direct shopping methods using apps to shop directly. According to eMarketer, mobile purchases make up less ...

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Apple News App Blocked in China by Apple Inc.

Apple news app

In a new strange move from Apple, the company is blocking its own Apple news app being used in China. Even iPhone users from the United States visiting China are also experiencing the same problem. Apple news app is the main source of news update iPhone users depend to update themselves on news and latest happening in the US. The ...

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Facebook Emoji Similar to Likes for Better Reactions

facebook emoji

A month ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made news after hinting they were working on Facebook emoji, trying to expand the like button. On October 8th Facebook started featuring a set of 6 emoji reactions in their site for all posts and newsfeeds. The emoji’s will appear alongside the regular like button, 6 various reactions are love, happiness, laughter, shock, ...

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Bursting the Prepper Myths

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Many people wonder what a “prepper” actually is. Prepper is nothing but a term coined for people who store up food and other supplies to protect themselves against a possible apocalyptic event. In fact, some are of the belief that being a prepper is not about a group of people but is actually a way of life – a way ...

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Samsung’s LoopPay Hacked Again by Chinese Codoso Group


Samsung subsidiary LoopPay security breach was only at the office networks which is not used or connected to SamsungPay network. The affected systems have been isolated and consumer personal payment data is not at risk. Samsung had acquired LoopPay early this February for having their online payment mode. The New York Times reported the hack was carried out by the ...

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Canada Electric Car Sales Triple in September

electric car sales

September electric cars sales in Canada clearly show the change in people view towards electric cars. With the top three models selling over 100 cars each, it’s been a good month for the major car electric car manufacturer. Nissan Leaf leads the sales for the month of September with 144 cars followed by Chevrolet Volt and Tesla Model S. It ...

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Beginners Tips for Photography with a Drone


Want to capture the best photographs possible with your drone? If you do, then you’ll definitely want to keep the following tips in mind. They are designed to help you avoid any surprises and to take photographs that will inspire. Sunset and Sunrise Can Be Photographic Gold These are the times of the day when lighting can be ideal and ...

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Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model S


Here is a comparison between two of the most talked electric car models, Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model S. Model X was recently revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show with the ever stylish falcon wings and Model S is the most elegant and powerful electric sedan ever made. Specifications: Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model S All-new Tesla Model ...

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