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Microsoft Ties Up With Abb For Launching The Innovative Charging Platform For Electric Car


Microsoft joins with ABB – one of the leading automation technology Company of Swiss for launching an innovative quick charging services platform for electric vehicle. ABB has around 1,40,000 employees all over the word and Zurich-based ABB is one among the huge engineering firms in the world. ABB had provided quick charging stations for electric cars for a while and ...

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Apple Removes 250 iOS Apps that Collects Users Private Data


Apple has removed over 250 iOS Apple from its app store after finding these apps have been accessing private data of users. The information was revealed by SourceDNA, security research team that found over 250 apps removed from the store that were able to collect users personal data such as email and device identification numbers. These violate Apple’s security guidelines ...

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Samsung Galaxy S7 – Specs and Features Revealed

Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is due to release in the beginning of 2016. There have been very less info revealed about the Galaxy S7 and here are the latest details that surfaced. Samsung Galaxy S7 will be available in different chipsets in different markets such as Exynos 7422, Exynos 8890 and Snapdragon 820. Exynos 8890 will be more powerful and ...

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Volvo to Launch Electric Cars by 2019

electric cars

Volvo car group is getting ready to enter the Electric cars sector and begin sales from 2019. The company President and CEO Hakan Samuelsson told to reporters they are targeting a 10% global sales will be electric cars by 2020. Company believes its time to enter the electrified cars as it will be the mainstream vehicles sold in the coming ...

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Tesla Rolling Out Autopilot Model S Cars

Tesla Model S

Tesla is releasing “Autopilot” featured software upgrade in its latest Model S cars. The Autopilot feature is now available in the US in all new top-end Model S cars. The feature uses cameras, sensors and radars in cars to give driver semi-driving or completely autonomous driving features. Tesla Spokesman said, it’s a super powerful car that can steer within its ...

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Swatch Launches Payment Watches in China for $90


Swatch launched NFC-enabled payment watches in China which will be available to consumers from January 2016. The watches will be available in the United States of America and Switzerland from 2016. For the payments deal Swatch has joined hands with the Bank of Communications and China UnionPay. This will begin the company’s entry in to the world of contactless payment ...

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VW to Overcome Diesel Scandal with More VW Electric Cars

VW electric cars

The emission scandal hit Volkswagen is planning to overcome the current situation with few clean diesel cars and more VW electric cars and hybrids. Here is some general information about VW auto manufacturing methods. Unlike other manufacturers, VW makes its vehicles from “ToolKits”, which are sets of completely engineered components of cars that can be combined to form automobiles. It’s ...

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Apple Loses Patent Lawsuit on A7/A8 Chips to WARF

patent lawsuit

Apple is no exception of being the target of some over the basis of countless patent lawsuit. This new one is the most striking as it is almost literal core of its devices. The WARF  (the University of Wisconsin’s Alumni Research Foundation) indicted Apple in early last year for impinging on its patents that are used in Apple’s custom A8X, ...

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Bootable backups and why it matters


Bootable backups. That might sound ugly, does it? But as we all know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you’re reading this then you have likely considered the possibilities of losing some or all of the information stored in your computers, and are wondering about the next step. Are you a small business, or a large business? ...

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Aston Martin Electric Cars from the End of 2017

Aston Martin electric car

The 102 year old Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd is foreseeing a future of high-performance Aston Martin electric cars run on electricity. Its new car Rapide that was used in the latest James Bond movie will soon be available in a battery powered version by the end of 2017. The company is seriously thinking of entering into the world of electric ...

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