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How the Rapid Growth of eCommerce Sites Have Changed the Retail Sector

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If you’ve seen the crossover of the new millennium, chances are, you have also seen the growth of ecommerce websites. Earlier there used to be brick and mortar stores, where we could get special discounts because the retailers had known us from a long time. Nowadays we have online shopping portals – eCommerce stores which give us stuff at competitive ...

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The Other Facebook Inbox Dropped in Lieu of Message Requests

Facebook inbox

Other Facebook Inbox Response Facebook preparing to phase out its other Facebook inbox soon, the news has received mixed responses, Facebook inbox deletion is also a reason of concern about privacy leading the critical comments. Pros and Cons of other Facebook Inbox The Other Facebook inbox is where messages from people other than Facebook friends will be stored. The plus ...

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Autonomous Electric Car: The Concept of Nissan IDS

Nissan IDS

A peep into the future: Nissan IDS At the Tokyo Motor Show, The Nissan IDS concept has been revealed giving a glimpse of what electric-car ownership could be like many years into the future. A few more hints are also provided reflecting what’s in store for the second-generation Nissan Leaf. The Nissan IDS Concept includes a suite of items that ...

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Google Plans to Combine Chrome OS and Android

Chrome OS

Google is planning to merge its computer Chrome OS and mobile Android OS. The new operating system will be released in the year 2017. However early version of the software will be unveiled next year. It’s been quite some time since Google started to work on merging the two operating system.  It is now the company has made some real ...

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Future of Electric Cars from Tokyo Motor Show

tokyo motor show

The Tokyo motor show has become the point where anyone can find out more information about the automobile industry especially where the making of electric cars are concerned. Every single day, there are new inventions in the automobile industry with more and more people gaining interest in electric cars more. In the automobile industry however, China and Japan seem to ...

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Apple TV – A Huge iPhone to Beautify Your Home


If you have heard of the all new Apple TV, then reading an Apple TV review will be the best way to find out more about the television before you decide to make a purchase. The new Apple TV is a brand new touch friendly remote and also a store filled with applications to help do away with a lot ...

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CUBE – The Smart Way to Charge Your Gadgets


Like any owner of more than one smart device, you must have already experienced the stress of home and office clutter due to entangled cables. Let’s face it: the more you love devices, the more cables you will collect in your home and office. You collect charging cables, USB cables, wall chargers, data cables and many others; the average smart ...

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Honda FCV Fuel-Cell Vehicle – First of its Kind

Honda FCV

Honda FCV Launch Honda will soon be revealing the production version of its hydrogen fuel-cell sedan ( Honda FCV) at the Tokyo Motor Show. The company has already released pictures showing the car and its interior following its FCEV and FCV concepts. Releasing  the fuel cell car opens up  some more options  as it will be competing with 2016 Toyota ...

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Mark Zuckerberg in China – Inspiring Speech

mark zuckerberg in china

Mark Zuckerberg in China Praises Chinese Wisdom Mark Zuckerberg in China knows how to court Chinese users: In a speech this weekend at Tsinghua University in Beijing, he stated compliments on the nation’s history and with idioms of traditional Chinese wisdom. Calling China a nation historically known for innovation, Mr. Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, addressed students in heavily ...

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Future of Nissan Leaf to be Revealed in Tokyo Motor Show


The future of Nissan Leaf will be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show later this week. There is quite a lot of information available about the futuristic Nissan Leaf for 2016. The next version of the car will have a very powerful battery and is believed that the SL and SV models will have 107 mile range. The basic S ...

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