Monthly Archives: September 2015

1st of Sep, 2015


Google officials unveils its new Logo after the restructuring Since Google was officially restructured to belong to the newly formed umbrella company Alphabet, there were changes that were expected of it. Google even got a new CEO in the form of Sunder Pichai. And now it has a new logo. According to the company, the new logo was designed to ...

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Turbo engine is going to be introduced in Toyota for 2016 LeMans


Toyota has said that it will soon switch to turbo charged power for the World Endurance Championship season in 2016. Image Source – Pascal Vasselon, the technical director of Toyota has confirmed the news saying, “I don’t think we will retain the normally aspirated V8 configuration. It will be a turbo engine. It’s a little too early to release ...

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Apple TV may prove to be a competition to other TV providers


According to the rumors on Monday, Apple  is going to introduce the next version of set-top box in October. The price of the TV is estimated to be either US $149 or $ 199. Current version costs $ 99. As the price of the Apple TV will have a higher price, it will also have upgraded features. It is reported ...

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