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How will VW Make Reparation for Diesel Deception

diesel deception

How will VW reply about lying with reference to Diesel Deception?  These are thoughts of advocates supporting electric cars. The federal government can be levying the highest fine duty on VW for diesel deception outrage. VW sold cars that do not comply with laws of emission, criminal cases, and other claims are what VW will face. If the vehicles by VW ...

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Samsung Gear VR Prices Cut Rate for Galaxy Smartphones

samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR cut prices by half and will be available from November. The next big thing is Virtual reality in gaming, movies, etc. The main problem people face with this is the pricing of virtual reality gears which are expensive. However Samsung has taken an initiative to reduce the price of its VR Gears. Samsung will be launching the ...

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24th of Sep, 2015


In a rare instance, Facebook was inaccessible for many today Being the world’s largest social-networking site is no joke; and it must certainly take a lot to keep Facebook’s servers running constantly with minimal downtime. However, today i.e. Thursday, Facebook appeared to have been down for some users, showing them a page that said “Sorry, something went wrong” when trying ...

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Solid Battery Can Increase Electric Car Range – Bosch

electric car range

Bosch says electric cars with solid state battery can increase electric car range. The range is always a concern for every electric car manufacturer. Companies are investing billions of dollars for research and development to increase car ranges yet deliver high performance. German electronics company Bosch had stated that it is working on solid state battery for electric cars which ...

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Facebook Launched 360 Degree Videos

360 degree videos

Facebook introduced 360-degree videos to its newsfeed platform on September 23 giving its users a new experience. It helps to look around in every direction. The first set of 360 degree videos published by the makers of Star Wars. It was the marketing material, and it was really amazing. It was the 40th anniversary for the Star Wars Video and ...

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23rd of Sep, 2015


Some pitfalls that Uber, the hottest new tech company, can face in the near future Uber is certainly making a name in the world of business, as it recently closed $1 billion round of funding from Bennett Coleman & Co., an Indian media company and Microsoft. Currently Uber stands as the most valuable private tech company in the world, having ...

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1 Million Electric Cars and Plug-in Hybrids on Road

electric cars

Electric Cars and Plug-in Hybrids were just concept cars, a decade ago, a new concept to make planet a safe place with eco-friendly automobiles. Today, stats show that more than a million electric and plug-in hybrid cars are on road today.  In another decade there would be tough competition between green cars and regular gasoline cars. Let’s Check the Countries with ...

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Apple iOS 9 Update for all its Devices

Apple iOS 9 Update

Apple iOS 9 update comes with several benefits for its users. The main feature of the latest update is the ability to return to the previously used app by tapping a small line of text. This is a relief and makes it more user-friendly. Apple Inc. is on its way to dominate the future technology industry. From smartphones, tabs and ...

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Apple Electric Car Ship Date Target is Set for 2019

apple electric car

Apple electric cars ship date is set for 2019. There have been several meetings conducted with two groups of government officials in California. The project code named “Titan” will triple its team size from 600. These details have been revealed by people who are familiar with the project “Titan”. Apple Inc. is well known for its devices however this will be a ...

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Hacking Ghost Attacks Apple Tools – Apple Removes Malicious Tools

hacking ghost

Hundreds of Apple Apps and tools were infected by Hacking Ghost fake Xcode tools.  However Apple Inc. has removed several tools from its Apps store. The security breach was caused by Chinese developers who had tricked into and added malicious codes using software tools. The affected companies names weren’t revealed however popular chat app, WeChat was affected and a complete ...

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