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Daily News Roundup

nvidia shield

Nvidia Shield Tables pose Fire Hazard, company recalls tablets The Shield tablets from Nvidia may be called the behemoth of handheld gaming, but apparently it has been reported that the lithium-ion batteries incorporated in them are prone to overheating. This has led Nvidia to recall about 88,000 Shield tablets which were sold in the US and Canada, before they cause ...

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Windows 10 knows what’s on your mind


You might have heard of the Cortana and Hello features of Windows 10. It works in the same manner as many other apps do, to know you better. It asks for the location, your preferences to manifest what’s in your mind. After some technical previews to improve the app, Window’s 10 have introduced a totally new experience for those who ...

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Daily News Roundup: Jul 30


Xiaomi still has a long way to go in becoming the next Apple Xiaomi was revealed to be the world’s fifth-largest phone vendor in the world today by Strategy Analytics. But even that claim cannot help Xiaomi in making more sales. Latest news state that it is facing a lot of competition from local brands such as Huawei, Meizu and ...

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Word of mouth might have a strange effect on Tesla enthusiasts


Who does not want to flaunt about the car they drive? But what happens when instead of getting jealous people to start blaming you. This might happen with the Tesla owners. They cannot even praise the features in a crowd because if they do so, people will start making fun of them. Tesla has started a referral program to bring ...

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Super frightening monster found in the Android

QIP Shot - Screen 684

Do you own an Android based smart phone? If yes, continue reading further. Between the growing need for security, Zimperium unveils a sudden breakthrough by researcher Joshua Drake which introduces a fatal defect in Stagefright media playback engine present in android. It could damage your phone without any efforts. Before we move further to discuss more about this hot topic, ...

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Google wishes Good Bye to Google+


Google is a multinational technology company based in America. It is one of the most successful companies worldwide. It provides internet related products and services which include cloud computing, search, online advertising and software. Some of its productivity software covers Gmail, Google drive, Google+ and Google Docs. It also provides online advertising service which is popular nowadays to advertise near ...

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The world is full with many histories of its own. The ones which are not validated are regarded as myths, like for example, Marconi was the inventor of radio – is that a myth or history? Up until several decades ago, people believed it to be true; however, only later it was declared that it was not Marconi but Tesla ...

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Movies have always been an essential part of our life. If you don’t believe me, count the number of hours you have spent watching movies throughout your life. You probably have lost count already! If so, then imagine how much it affects our lives. It is actually really underrated. So if movies are this important, then it is important to ...

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