18th of Sep, 2015

The best ad-blocking app on the Apple app store is now taken down

There was an amazingly popular ad-blocking app on the iOS app store called Peace. Apparently within just 2 days of debuting on the app store, the $2.99 priced app was already gaining massive amount of downloads. However in a dramatic turn of events, the developer, Marco Arment, has now taken the app down as he felt that it wasn’t feeling good. The way the ad-blocking app works is it takes out digital ads and trackers from all web pages, which is actually a source of revenue for many websites; and he felt he was doing more harm to them through his app.

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Apple may soon make the bezels of iPhone and iPad touch sensitive as well

As if there wasn’t enough screen-space on your iPhone or your iPad, Apple now wants to make use of the bezels. The idea came about that many users, when swiping across on the screens may tend to cover some part of the screen’s surface with their fingers. By making the bezel area touch-sensitive as well, users can utilize that space to scroll, swipe, tap things without placing their fingers on the touchscreen.

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Sony’s virtual reality headset is now called Playstation VR, debuting next year

What was previously known as Project Morpheus, now has a brand new name – Playstation VR or PSVR. This is a head-mounted display offering a 90-degree field of view along with a 1080p HD resolution. The headset will have sensors built into it to track the head movements. It will have a 5.7-inch OLED screen and will display imagery at up to 120 frames per second.

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The digital assistant Cortana from Microsoft will now be in your car

It seems Microsoft now wants to compete with Siri virtual assistant from Apple. Latest reports state that Microsoft has been developing a prototype of Cortana voice assistant so that it can be recognized by your connected car. Cortana would then be able to display itself on the windshield of the car, can locate nearby locations, make restaurant reservations and so on. However the technology is still in the prototype stage and has yet to transition into reality.

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Google Chromecast 2 leaks and rumors

If certain rumors are to be believed, then we may see Google’s Chromecast 2 on Sep. 29 at a new event at San Francisco. The last edition of the popular streaming-media device was an instant hit when it was released in July ’13. The rumors and leaks suggest that the new streaming device would arrive in different colors with improved WiFi. It may also feature an audio out so users can listen to music without turning on their televisions.

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Do you think it’s a good idea of making the bezels of the iPhone touch-sensitive? Or should it left the same way as it is?

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