15,000 HTC VIVE VR Headsets Sold within 10 Minutes of its Launch

HTC VIVE VR is believed in creating a history in electronic gadget sale which was evident from its 15,000 virtual reality headsets sold within ten minutes of its launch. Each HTC VIVE headset costs $800. This will be the most out grown sale ever in the history of electronic gadgets.

htc vive

source: en.wikipedia.org

This sale is a much evident proof for an unproved technology. The greatest concern is that HTC VIVE is an $800 peripheral for just a $100 computer. This fact would astonish anyone. The increased sale of HTC VIVE has got attention of companies such as Facebook, Google, and Samsung to extend their products to this sector. Financial officials of HTC VIVE VR predict that this VR will grow to a $110 billion sale by 2020.

The virtual headset is a PC gaming peripheral which gains structural similarity with a headset but is something far beyond just a headset. It covers most of the face including ear and eyes. The headset enables gamers in creating a better gaming experience. It will give you the feel you are actually inside the game by stimulating high quality effects by which you would really involve in the game as a part of it.

Even though we are familiar with similar VR devices, the device has got number of additional sensors fitted to them compared to others. These sensors will help in amplifying the effects making you believe you are in another environment. This feature makes the uniqueness in the HTC VIVE from its competitors.

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